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July 12 2012

god particle - gif
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July 10 2012

In other words, the estimable businessmen and women at realinsurance.com.au have been paying SEO companies to spam the comment sections of sites around the globe. But now Google’s new search algorithms are making that legacy spam really damaging. So now they’re sending out cease and desist notices to the victims of their earlier spamming demanding that they search their archives and remove their spam.
Chutzpam | TPM Editors Blog

July 06 2012

One thing that pisses me off about Philosophy( I'm in it now) is the mentioning of "Is god real?" and people/authors explain why he isn't or is.

It pisses me off because if you ask me your never going to get a comfortable answer for yourself. So you might as well shut the hell up and enjoy your time you have while you are alive. Because thats whats for sure real, your surroundings. Taking Philosophy I thought was going to help me enjoy my life more and see things better and appreciate everything. Instead it's trying to make me think of such irrelevant crap. Do I know gods up there? No. Do I think he is? Yes.

It's just annoying listening to someone explain there thoughts on such pointless crap, and wasting time. You'll never find a answer!

Other than that Philosophy is cool.
bearfan34201 @ Philosophy doesn't solve problems, only science can (Slavoj Zizek on philosophy) - Bodybuilding.com Forums
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July 04 2012

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Die Euro-Krise zahlt sich für die Union einer Umfrage zufolge aus.
Wahlumfrage: Die Kanzlerin gewinnt in der Krise an Zustimmung | Politik | ZEIT ONLINE

June 22 2012

8487 8848
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April 24 2012

Arbeitgeber halten Rentenpläne für nicht finanzierbar
Sozialpolitik: Arbeitgeber halten Rentenpläne für nicht finanzierbar | Politik | ZEIT ONLINE

April 16 2012

Dass große Internetkonzerne irgendwann die Rolle der Verleger und des Vertriebs übernehmen könnten, evoziert eine traurige Vision monopolisierten Mainstream-Angebots.
Eine Idee allein begründet kein Schutzrecht : Keine Angst vor dem Shitstorm - taz.de

March 14 2012

Belgian copyright society wants royalties for library volunteers who read to small groups of children

Robin Wauters writes in The Next Web about the bizarre, cartoon-villain move from Belgian copyright collecting society SABAM, who are demanding that public libraries pay royalties when volunteers read to groups of ten or so small children. SABAM is demanding €250 per year from each cash-strapped library. The technical term for this is "eating your seed corn" (a less technical term might be "acting like a titanic asshole"). If kids are read to, they grow up to be readers, and they buy books. If kids don't get the reading habit, they won't grow up to buy books and writers will starve.

Twice a month, the library in Dilbeek welcomes about 10 children to introduce them to the magical world of books. A representative of the library in question is quoted in the De Morgen report as saying there’s no budget to compensate people who read to the kids, relying instead on volunteers (bless them)...

The De Morgen reporter then contacted SABAM (probably to check if this wasn’t an elaborate hoax or some grave error in judgment) and received a formal statement from the organization asserting that, indeed, public libraries need to pay up for the right to – once again – READ BOOKS TO KIDS.

Belgian rightsholders group wants to charge libraries for READING BOOKS TO KIDS

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March 03 2012

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Sansone wasn’t expecting to be greeted by police when he went to pick up his three children from school last week. Faculty there had become concerned, however, after the man’s 4-year-old daughter drew an image last Wednesday that they thought warranted investigation. It was a picture of a man holding a gun, and when teachers asked the girl to explain it, she said it was a depiction of her father.

“He uses it to shoot bad guys and monsters,” teachers say the girl explained.

The father says he doesn’t own a gun. Nor does he kill monsters.

Dad goes to jail for 4-year-old daughter’s drawing — RT
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February 24 2012

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January 23 2012

January 13 2012

January 02 2012

Selbst wenn wir in reiche Familien geboren sind, kommen wir nackt zur Welt und müssen gucken, wie wir uns durch dieses Leben schlagen“.
Feynsinn » Thea Dorns gestammeltes Neusprech

December 15 2011

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December 12 2011

December 05 2011

“I’m standing in front of a Planned Parenthood,” the CNN reporter says, “And Siri can’t find it when I search for abortion clinic.” No, it can’t. It’s not because Apple is pro-life. It’s because Planned Parenthood doesn’t call itself an abortion clinic.
Why Siri Can't Find Abortion Clinics & How It's Not An Apple Conspiracy
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November 07 2011

Wirklich ärgerlich sind aber Witzbolde, egal welcher Nationalität, die Sprüche reißen wie: »Die Bombe ist eh im Koffer.« Da sagt man dann: »Bitte nennen Sie das Wort Bombe nicht!« Und der Passagier: »Was, Bombe soll ich nicht sagen?« Und dann muss man die Bundespolizei alarmieren, das Flugzeug wird durchsucht, und es gibt einen Riesenärger.
// Das scheint ja alles sehr effektiv zu laufen da.
Gepäckkontrolle: "Darf ich mal reinschauen?" | Reisen | ZEIT ONLINE

November 06 2011

Noch irrwitziger ist die Argumentation der neoliberalen Casinokapitalisten, die Schulden jetzt in ‘gute’ und ‘böse’ Schulden einteilen wollen. Die guten Schulden sind natürlich die zur “Rettung” der Märkte, also der Spekulationsspielplätze, während die anderen Staatsschulden böse sind – die zur Aufrechterhaltung von Infrastruktur, der Sozialhaushalte, der Bildung etcetera. Das ist zwar schlicht pervers, aber eben gängige Ideologie.
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